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Cosmetic Surgery News NEWS Video calling boosts interest in plastic surgery, according to aesthetic doctors –

Video calling boosts interest in plastic surgery, according to aesthetic doctors –

The ‘Zoom boom’ during lockdown has led to more of us seeking to change our appearance. According to leading aesthetic doctors, the increase in usage of social video platforms has left people more aware of, and seemingly dissatisfied with, their appearance – dictating an increasing interest in cosmetic surgery and procedures.

Gerard Lambe, an influential cosmetic surgeon and spokesperson for industry body British Association of Aesthetic Plastic Surgeons (BAAPS) says, “The ‘Zoom factor’, with people using cameras more than ever and their visual appearance being scrutinised on apps, has certainly boosted enquiries for cosmetic tweaks and procedures. Many people are also aware they are likely to be working from home long-term and want to now start planning their dream procedures”.

Subsequently, at his Reflect Clinic in Manchester, he’s seen requests for ‘virtual cosmetic surgery’ (consultations which simulate 3D plastic surgery) treble during the coronavirus pandemic.

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Cosmetic doctor Tijion Esho, who runs clinics specialising in non-invasive procedures in London and Newcastle, tells Bazaar that “any platform which makes us more visually aware has always had an effect on drive for procedures”. This happened with the adoption of mobile phone selfies, and then heightened by platforms

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