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Cosmetic Surgery News NEWS What’s the most popular plastic surgery procedure | 1010 WINS – 1010WINS

What’s the most popular plastic surgery procedure | 1010 WINS – 1010WINS

NEW YORK (1010 WINS) — Since elective surgery has resumed in most parts of the country, cosmetic surgeons are seeing an uptick in business.

So has the pandemic changed which procedure patients are seeking to undergo?

Yes, says Dr. Terry Dubrow of E!’s “Botched” and Oxygen’s “License to Kill.” And it’s based on our wearing of face coverings.

He told Page Six, “Now that we’re wearing masks, (patients are) more focused on their eyes so a blepharoplasty used to be the fourth or fifth most common plastic surgery procedure — right now it’s way up there. It’s like two.”

According to the Mayo Clinic, a blepharoplasty is “a type of surgery that repairs droopy eyelids and may involve removing excess skin, muscle and fat.”

Dubrow added, “I’m still seeing a lot of people who have pent-up demand. A lot of people are wanting procedures to tighten up skin because they were just on lockdown for three months and sort of eating more carbs and stretching their skin out.”

And Dubrow didn’t even sneak in a touch-up for himself while quarantining.

“It’s funny — I haven’t had Botox since the pandemic and I was looking in the mirror the other day in my gym at home and I went, ‘Wow!'” he said. “I turned to look in the mirror and I thought, ‘Oh, wow so this is what it looks like to get old. I better fix that!’ So I need to go in for my own Botox very soon, see these? What are these doing here?

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