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Cosmetic Surgery News NEWS Mohammed Hussain Alqahtani Discusses the Future of Plastic Surgery – The Jerusalem Post

Mohammed Hussain Alqahtani Discusses the Future of Plastic Surgery – The Jerusalem Post

Dr. Mohammed Hussain Alqahtani has a rich insight into the world of cosmetic developments. In his expansive career, he has dealt with several surgical as well as non-surgical procedures. Plastic Surgery, or at least the cosmetic kind, has always been quite the trend. However, it was not always absolutely safe or, to say, readily affordable. Dr. Alqahtani educates us on how there has been a monumental shift in the industry, while also enlightening us about how safe and approachable the procedures are currently.
Dr. Alqahtani has shared his expertise on several forums and interviews. He champions the positivity cosmetic surgery brings in the life of a person. To begin with, he says, “It’s not always about beautifying a certain part. In fact, it could also be a genuine necessity.” He says people falsely associate cosmetic procedures with being limited to getting a fuller lip or breast augmentation. The truth is cosmetic treatments aren’t gender-biased. They are safe procedures conducted by trained doctors adhering to the highest health and hygiene protocol.
The situation with plastic surgery earlier was different and has now undergone a sea change. The treatments and procedures have been standardized, ensuring patient safety. There is no longer fear of any contamination or hygiene issues. The surgery procedures are now assisted by highly efficient software and AI machines that bring in precision. The treatments are supervised by highly skilled doctors who recommend procedures only after considering your medical history.
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