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Cosmetic Surgery News NEWS Huntington Plastic Surgery Institute Opens its Doors in Pasadena – Benzinga

Huntington Plastic Surgery Institute Opens its Doors in Pasadena – Benzinga

PASADENA, Calif., Oct. 17, 2020 /PRNewswire-PRWeb/ — Huntington Plastic Surgery Institute, a medical group offering a wide variety of plastic surgeries and cosmetic procedures, is now open to patients of all ages and genders at its location in the heart of Pasadena. The clinic says that it will be offering the skills of some of Southern California’s finest board certified plastic surgeons in a welcoming and attractive setting. The chief plastic surgeons at the institute, Huntington says, will be Dr. Sepideh Saber and Dr. Mort Rizvi.

The medical center says that Dr. Saber has achieved recognition for an approach that blends the abilities of an expert plastic surgeon with an unusual level of sensitivity. Huntington says that, as a woman and a mother, Dr.Saber brings a unique perspective to a male-dominated field. Dr. Saber herself adds that, while many women might feel more comfortable with a woman plastic surgeon performing mommy makeovers and other female-centric procedures, she has worked very productively with people of all genders. She adds that even fairly traditional males often feel they can benefit from a more empathetic approach based on careful listening to patients.

Moving on, the Huntington Plastic Surgery Institute says that Dr. Mort Rizvi is arguably one of the most versatile physicians working in California. Board certified in both plastic surgery and hand surgery, Dr. Rizvi has also worked as a craniofacial and reconstructive surgeon. He is also a widely

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