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Cosmetic Surgery News NEWS Secrets of a celebrity cosmetic surgery holiday –

Secrets of a celebrity cosmetic surgery holiday –

Secrets of a celebrity cosmetic surgery practice
Celebrities are paying top dollar for cosmetic surgery getaways (Picture: Getty/

Ever wonder why Love Island stars jet off overseas to get a new set of gnashers? Or why A-list men would rather get their hair transplants out of the UK? Are you still thinking about those images of Katie Price being wheeled through a Turkish airport following one of her treatments? Cosmetic surgery holidays are a thing, a big thing, for celebrities, it appears.

While many of us couldn’t imagine going to the effort of travelling internationally for a procedure (no less the quarantine factor of the minute, plus the fact, oh, look at that, we can’t afford it), and we’re often warned of botched surgeries in the pursuit of the ‘perfect’ body, stars are bidding farewell to the UK and returning with new faces.



Companies have since popped up to cater to this demand, with WeCure, founded in 2018, linking celebrity and A-list clients in the UK to internationally accredited medical institutions in Turkey.

It may come as precisely zero surprise to punters the most popular procedures celebrities are lining up for include ‘hair restoration, dental treatments, and breast augmentation or uplifts’.

And as Emre Atceken, co-founder of WeCure, tells, while the number of celebrities taking up the company’s services varies depending on the surgery, ‘it’s more than you would think’.


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