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Cosmetic Surgery News NEWS ‘Zoom effect’ fuels plastic surgery boom – WSAV-TV

‘Zoom effect’ fuels plastic surgery boom – WSAV-TV

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(NBC News) – If “mirrors don’t lie,” what about the millions of computer and phone cameras people are using for video conference calls while working from home?

They’ve spurred what some are referring to as the “Zoom Effect,” hourly opportunities to scrutinize your appearance.

“We find flaws and they’re amplified because we get to stare at them a lot more,” says Cleveland Clinic clinical psychologist Dr. Scott Bea. 

A recent survey finds plastic surgery practices in the U.S. have seen a 60-percent increase during the COVID-19 pandemic.

“We’re in a culture that tends to want to correct things, and I think that’s what stimulating people to go to see plastic surgeons,” Dr. Bea notes.

Doctors are seeing an increase in facial injectables like Botox to help aging skin, and even newer procedures that are much less invasive than a facelift.

That includes, “Morpheus” treatments that use bipolar radio frequencies.

Doctors say patients can see contour improvements and tightening of the lower face with minimal downtime.  

If you want to avoid the plastic surgeon, there’s a hidden gem for Zoom calls.  If you’re using a computer go to “Setting” and click on “Video,” or on your phone “Meeting” under “Settings,” and scroll down to the “Touch Up My Appearance” button.  It doesn’t fix the flaws, but the subtle softness makes quite a

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