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Cosmetic Surgery News NEWS The Pandemic’s Silver Lining: A Rise in Cosmetic Surgery – Philadelphia Style Magazine

The Pandemic’s Silver Lining: A Rise in Cosmetic Surgery – Philadelphia Style Magazine


The pandemic has been hard, both physically and mentally. Which is why we weren’t surprised to learn about a recent increase in people seeking plastic surgery. Quarantine life has given us an unusual gift: time to recover from procedures in the privacy of our own homes, out of the public view. Wearing a mask also provides a rare opportunity for patients to hide temporary swelling or bruising from injections or fillers.

Shopping for a plastic surgeon is now as much about safety as it is experience. The days of the Groupon deal may be over, as people, particularly those who may be at higher risk, are looking for safety precautions that are backed by a large medical system and doctors who are able to choose the products and procedures that are safest for their patients — not just the brands their practice offers.

Board-certified plastic surgeon Ivona Percec, MD, PhD, of Penn Plastic Surgery, has seen an uptick in patients since the initial lockdowns this Spring. She and her colleagues are now performing a high number of non-surgical facial cosmetic procedures, such as fillers and neurotoxins, as well as more substantial procedures like facelifts, eyelid lifts, rhinoplasties and body procedures.

“We’re seeing people come to Penn Medicine,” Dr. Percec tells us, “because they trust us.” But, she adds, there are other factors at play:



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