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Cosmetic Surgery News NEWS Why More and More Men Are Resorting to Cosmetic Surgery – Men’s health UK

Why More and More Men Are Resorting to Cosmetic Surgery – Men’s health UK

The decision to undergo cosmetic surgery isn’t always an immediate one. Nobody sits at home watching, say, a late-period Mickey Rourke movie on TV and – upon gazing at his weird, formless, surgically altered face – thinks, “Cor, I’ll have me some of that.”

Instead, it comes in a trickle. For instance, I’ve always been catastrophically short-sighted. Three years ago, I became fed up enough to get my eyes lasered, and now they’re fixed. Then, unrelatedly, my hair started falling out. I’d already fixed my eyes, so why not try to fix my hair? I bought a bottle of foam that supposedly puts a halt to hair loss. And then, unrelatedly again, I started to put on weight. So, when this magazine asked me if I wanted to trial some “tweakments” – non-surgical cosmetic procedures that involved freezing my double chin rock solid to kill the fat cells… Well, I’d already done my eyes and my hair, so, sure! The more the merrier. But would I take things a step further and go under the knife?

Many view it as a way to banish their physical insecurities, once and for all

If I did, I wouldn’t be the only one. There are myriad reasons why men choose to have cosmetic surgery. Perhaps they want liposuction to look more like the blokes on Love Island. Perhaps, all of a sudden, the man staring back in the mirror

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