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Cosmetic Surgery News NEWS Plastic surgery popularity soars during pandemic – WJLA

Plastic surgery popularity soars during pandemic – WJLA

While the pandemic is certainly no vacation, working from home has unintentionally given people a chance for no-one-has-to-know recovery, and many are taking advantage of this opportunity.

“Work-from-home, masks, and stalled social lives make this a great time to have work done,” according to Dr. Robert Sigal of Austin-Weston, The Center for Cosmetic Surgery. Austin-Weston is a freestanding surgical facility in Reston, VA.

Plastic surgery is historically popular during vacation periods because people aren’t going into work. Should you venture out while healing, the required face masks conceal splints, swelling, and other evidence of procedures — no questions asked. The aftermath of lighter treatments, such as fine flaking and blotchy pinkness, is also easier to hide on Zoom vs. in real life.

Getting back to normal activities takes less time than many people think. According to Dr. Sigal, many of his patients are ready to resume most pandemic-friendly activities more quickly than they thought.

“Since every person’s body is unique, there is no exact timeline for recovery, but many women feel perfectly fine after about a week, after many procedures,” Dr. Sigal says.

Meanwhile, many people have been forced to confront their all-to-real, unfiltered reflections on constant Zoom meetings. Bad camera angles and terrible lighting are exposing traits that weren’t noticed often before the pandemic. Cosmetic procedures can improve your self-image, encouraging confidence and increasing your quality of life.

“Clients currently aren’t able to shop like before, they didn’t vacation, they can’t go to dinners as often with friends, there are

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